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Program Information

BackUp Solutions is pleased to announce that we have expanded our partner referral program to include LiveVault® Server Data Backup & Recovery. The addition of the LiveVault service adds to our offering of online backup solutions for Mac’s, PC’s, Laptops and Servers.

BackupMyBusiness.com is the premium online backup service for resellers. We are now looking for new partners who want more than just an online backup solution to offer their clients. Consultants, Associations and businesses who want to offer an online service that is simple, safe, affordable, and most importantly one that is financially rewarding. When considering whether to join our partner team there is basically three areas that you should evaluate – Product, Support and Compensation. What is the product? How is the support? What is the compensation? After learning what we have to offer, we believe that you will want to join our partner team today.

The BackupMyBusiness.com partner program highlights

  • Award winning online backup software
  • Support for clients and partners
  • Flexible pricing and commission structure

Award Winning Online Backup Software for PC, MAC and File Server Backups
BackupMyBusiness.com will be offering the same award online backup software currently being offered by BackUp Solutions. There will be six levels of service offered to your customers –5GB, 15GB, 30GB, 50GB, 100GB and 250GB limits. Each partner will be given a co-branded website to promote the online backup service. This website will provide potential customers with information regarding the various online services available. In addition, potential customers will download the software for installation of services directly from this website. Partners will be compensated for all accounts that are generated from their co-branded website. Please note that there will be no charge to the partner for the website and no minimums or setup fee.

Award Winning LiveVault Service
BackUp Solutions partners can also offer their customers LiveVault online backup service that won the Best Storage Software Solution category for the 21st Annual CODiE Awards. LiveVault Server Backup is an online server backup and recovery solution for any business where the highest level of backup reliability is an essential part of a disaster recovery program. With the new Small Business Plan this service is now priced at a very reasonable level.

Support for Clients and Partners
Our primary focus at BackupMyBusiness.com is to provide the best support possible to our clients and partners. Unlike some of our competition, we provide a toll free phone number with personnel available to answer your questions, assist clients and provide information on our service.

Flexible pricing and commission structure
The primary goal of our new reseller program is to increase the revenue potential for our partners. We have designed our partner compensation model to be flexible in order to fit your individual needs. The partner has the flexibility to set the rate to be charged to their clients. Commissions are calculated as the difference between the prices that you set for the service and our cost to you. The commission is ongoing for as long as the client remains an active customer in good standing with the Company.

Now you can see why we believe that our new BackupMyBusiness.com partner program is the most innovative online backup reseller program available today. The combination of our award winning backup software, our commitment to customer support and a flexible compensation model result in a program that is truly a financial winner. To summarize quickly what we are offering in our program:

  1. Award winning software.
  2. Co-branded website at no charge.
  3. Customer and partner support at no charge.
  4. The flexibility to set your own pricing and commissions.
  5. No upfront cost
  6. No minimum requirements

Please call us at 877-738-0209 or fill out our form to receive more information.