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PC Backup Solution, Mac Online Backup Service, PC Data Backup, PC Backup Services
worldwide data center locations:

(877) 738-0209
Home PC/Mac Backup Overview

PC & Mac Data Backup

BackUp Solutions Online Backup Service is a secure, easy to use backup system for business. Our customers can't afford to lose data or incur downtime and we understand the importance of resolving issues quickly and completely. If your business matters find out how we provide an enterprise grade service for small and medium size business.

Software –

used on over 2.5 million computers worldwide it provides a simple user interface that allows complete control over your backup. What to backup, when to backup and where to backup are all up to you. Once configured the backups occur automatically during the time you specify.

Rapid and Reliable Access –

your data is available whenever and wherever you need it. We do not limit bandwidth to our customers so you can quickly recover files without delay.

Data Centers –

we are partnered with Iron Mountain and all customer data is backed up to the world's most secure facilities. With a choice of data centers in the US, Canada and UK we can support customers worldwide.

Superior Security –

256 bit AES file encryption to secure files that are then sent to Iron Mountain's highly secure data centers and mirrored to a second data center for full fail-over redundancy. Data stays always stays encrypted and protected.

Compliance –

backing up consistently with our service demonstrates compliance with government and external regulatory agencies including HIPPA requirements.

Support –

we do not hide from our customers. Phone, email and chat options allow you to contact us easily. We also use LogMeIn to provide hands-on support to assist in setup, configuration or resolving issues. Support is always free!

We have been providing online backups for over 9 years to all types and sizes of businesses, professional and individuals. If you have any questions or would like more information feel free to call us at 877-738-0209.