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Small Business Backup Solutions

Small businesses rely increasingly on personal computers to run their business through communication, financial and production software. While a small business will insure against physical and liability risks, the electronic data is often forgotten and the value underestimated. It is not until a computer failure, disaster or inadvertent mistake that the impact of losing data is realized. Small business can be deeply impacted or even shutdown by a loss of computer systems and need to be able to quickly recover and continue business with as little impact as possible.

BackUp Solutions provides small business data backup solutions to protect your data and your business.

Why an Online Backup?

Traditional backup methods are often costly, time consuming and hard to implement correctly. Although a good practice, it is not sufficient to just backup to an external hard drive, DVD, etc. Proper backups should include at a minimum the following:

  • Regular scheduled backup periods depending on the business and importance of the data – typically daily but can also be more often
  • Offsite storage – rotation and storage of backups to a secure offsite location is a critical and often neglected part of a solid backup strategy
  • Security – backup should be encrypted and physically secure from theft. Backing up original files to an external device will often allow anyone in possession access to all your information.

Our online backup service may sound less secure or reliable since information is being taken out of your hands, transmitted across the Internet and stored at our data centers. In fact, the opposite is true and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Automatic backups occur based on the schedule you set – there is no need to allocate time to initiate a backup, rotate media or securely transport your backups offsite
  • Transmission Security – all information is secured on your computer using advanced encryption technologies before transmission and then stored encrypted at Iron Mountain data centers
  • Physical Security – all our customers data is stored at Iron Mountain data centers which have BRUNS-PAK level 9 physical security, the most secure locations in the world
  • Redundancy – all data is mirrored between two geographically separate data centers to ensure availability when you need it

BackUp Solutions’ online backup provides a reliable, redundant and more secure backup while reducing the time required to properly maintain your backups.

BackUp Solutions Online Backup – designed for Small Business

At BackUp Solutions we understand the needs of small businesses and service professionals such as medical and legal providers. Our service gives you an easy to use, automated and secure solution but what really makes us different is our support and quality of service. Whether you need a backup for a single computer or have a server and small network of workstations, we can provide you with an online backup that meets your needs.