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Reinstall Software

Version 8.x for PC/Mac and File Servers

To reinstall your account login to the Web Management site using your email (or account number) and password. The website to login to depends on where your account is registered. Use the following links to select the appropriate data center:

USA Account Managment:
Canada Account Management:
UK Account Management:

Version 7.x

Use the following links to choose the data center where your account is registered and download the correct setup file for all versions of the software through 7.5.3 hotfix7:
These setup files will allow you to recover an account registered at the data center. You do not need to worry about the type or size of your backup account when reinstalling since that information will be recovered during the process.

Windows Vista - If your new computer is running Windows Vista please contact us at (877) 738-0209 so we can update your account to provide compatible software.

How to tell which version of the software you are using

The easiest way is to login to the Web Management site using the link for version 8.x. Once logged in if you see a link to reinstall the agent then that is the correct link to use. If instead you only see MyRoam (to retrieve files) then you have version 7.x and should use the appropriate link above.

You can also email us, use live chat or call us at 877-738-0209.

If you need any assistance with reinstalling or configuring your account please contact us.